Anti-Dirty Bicycle Protective Cover


Bicycle cover for home, office and car. Cocoons your bike frame and tires in a super-stretchy, beautifully designed cover that holds dirt inside, at the bottom, while your space stays neat and tidy.



The bike covers keep your bike away from dust, rust, wet water vapour, sunshine and scratches, also keep floors and walls protected from dirt and tire marks, a super-stretchy, beautiful bike cover wraps up your bike frame and tires and holds dirt inside, at the bottom, while your space stays neat.

Combination of premium technology polyester and spandex that can be freely switched between different types of bicycles. Moreover, this cover is easy to fold, unfold and carry around, so you can easily pack up to save space and take it wherever you go. It is lightweight and easy to operate.

The upper part of the wheel cover adopts high-elastic band binding to avoid slipping. Do not worry about the installation of the off due to the large inelastic mouth circumference. It is portable and can be put on at any time.


  • Material: 87 % polyester + 13 % cotton


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