Baby Balance Bike


Perfect size, lightweight, modular design, easy to put together, easy to install, which makes it easy to take along, for use at the parks, malls or wherever your toddler would rather ride than walk. Widen and durable wheels are strong enough for both indoor or outdoor.



No pedal balance bike is the first bike in learning how to ride a bike. It lets your child learn to balance and steer. Once they’ve mastered those skills, transitioning to a pedal bike is easy.

3 wheel design makes the bike more stable, it’s easy for children to learn to walk and develop kid’s great coordination. Fully enclosed wheel, avoiding clamping your baby’s feet.

The wheels are EVA which is a durable, silent and widened wheel for safer playing indoor and outdoor. Soft handle grips and seats make kids’ comfortable riding. ABS frame is stable and sturdy, the smooth surface is secure for children to touch.

The upturned design of the rear of the seat prevents it from falling backwards, and the seat is comfortable and ergonomically designed. No matter how long to sit, your kids will not tired.


  • Colour: Pink, White, Blue, Red
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Recommended age: Suited for 1 – 2-year-old baby
  • 135° steering limited
  • Fully enclosed wheel


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