Bicycle Bottle Holder


The bottle cage is designed for ease of installation and removal. Designed to offer a secure bottle hold and easy bottle removal. Quick access to your bike water bottle, stay hydrated on your ride.



Superb durable quality. The bottle cage is made of high-quality material, durable, lightweight, will not attrit the bicycle frame and is easy to install.

Durable & lightweight. The bottle holder is designed of lightweight material and is easy to install. Can effectively reduce the weight for long-distance travellers, ideal for usage by cycling.

Secure and sturdy bottle retention system. The water bottle mount has arms that wrap around the bottle for a secure and firm hold so you don’t have to worry about it falling out during your ride.


  • Material: Engineering environmental protection plastic
  • Screw hole distance: 55 m – 72 mm
  • Uses: MTB bicycle road bike


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