Fruit Infuser Water Bottle


Easy to carry in a backpack pocket or using the extra convenient carry handle. Specially fitted grips on both sides for more comfortable and secure handling. The flip-top lid gives you instant access to your infused water, large capacity reducing refilling needs, fits most car holders, 2 – in – 1 just remove the infuser and you have a nice sports bottle.



With the fruit infuser water bottle, all you have to do is place your favourite fruit or tea in the infuser basket, and enjoy a refreshing and absolutely healthy drink that will satisfy your thirst in the most delicious way.

The flavoured water bottle is crafted to perfection with the best quality materials and it has an improved design for phenomenal results. This sports bottle has a leak-proof lid so you will never have to worry about spills in your bag, and it has a longer infuser basket for even more fruit.

You can use this amazing bottle as a standard water bottle, a protein shaker, or infuse water with fruit, make iced tea and create healthy refreshments. Simply add your loose leaf tea, lemon, mint, strawberries, berries, protein powder or anything else you want, and enjoy a healthy sip.


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