LED Bike Light Set


Powerful rechargeable battery. Just connects the USB rechargeable LED bicycle headlight to any USB port for a quick charge.



The bicycle light is very bright and the three LED lights cover a wide range, allowing you to ride at night to see wider and further areas. With the anti-glare optical design, the lamp prevents oncoming pedestrians or cars from being dazzled and gives you enough safety and inconvenience for the oncoming people.

Made of high-quality aluminium alloy casing, it has excellent impact resistance, heat dissipation and corrosion resistance, not only for the USB charging port but also for the entire lamp, safe use, even in rainy weather.


  • A) Black single headlight
  • B) Black headlight + 056 taillights
  • C) Black headlight +5 LED laser tail light
  • D) Black headlight + USB charging taillights
  • F) Black headlights + COB taillights
  • Headlights built-in one 18650 battery. USB charging


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