Multi-Functional Bicycle Light


In crowds, you no longer need to use the trick to open a path. The light on this bicycle comes with a speaker function, which is more convenient. Three very useful features are all integrated together, USB charging. Fully satisfied with your love of cycling and it fits all bikes, even oversized road bikes, commuter city bikes, or any mountain & kids bikes.



This device not only provides you with lighting but also has a speaker function and speed measurement. This is what most bicycle lights on the market do not have.

IPX6 waterproof function makes for safe cycling, free from wind and rain. The charging USB port is protected by a lid from water and dust. This bike front light is an aluminium alloy design that avoids the headlight overheating after a long time of usage.

For those who like to travel by bike, you definitely like the thrill of speed. However, the general bicycle light can not give you speed measurement, this lamp can fully meet your pursuit of speed.


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