Polarized Cycling Glasses


Included myopia frame. You can be cool and also can have a very clear vision as you can install your dispersing lens on the polarized sunglasses.



5 lenses with different functions. These sports sunglasses included 5 pairs of glasses lens, the polarized lens can filter stray light, clear lens absorbs infrared complete and most of ultraviolet light, the blue lens can filter blue reflection ray from seawater and sky, yellow lens increase light to enhance the definition of the scene, the colourful lens is very cool and UV 400 sun protection.

Replacement lens anytime anywhere. Easy to change cycling sunglasses lens, but please take two sides out first then take the middle and install the middle first then two sides.

Super-toughness and anti-explosion lens. The frame and lens of cycling sunglasses are super-toughness, and the lens also has anti-explosion and anti-collision functions.


  • Composite frame
  • Photochromatic lens
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Lens width: 7,5 cm


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