Portable Bicycle Pump


Perfect 7 shaped design makes the pump-action more smooth and effortless, quick pumping power and accurate inflation, reach riding pressure with 30% fewer pumping strokes than conventional mini bicycle pump, with a ball-type needle, a bicycle hand pump can quickly expand basketball, football, volleyball.



Lightest mini bicycle tire pump. Good quality aluminium alloy material, made from durable and precise parts, ultra-durable design and easy to carry, high-pressure capacity 100 psi, universal mountain bike road bicycle pump, ball pump, scooter and electric bicycle tire air pump, bike tire repair tooling part.

Perfect body size lightweight. The smallest body 12 cm length makes it small enough to fit in any of your pockets or backpack and the lightest weight 0.22 lb make it portable bike pump is almost weightless and extremely compact can be attached to the bike frame under the water bottle cage and with the mounting bracket can fit on saddle tubes, it will be a great assistant on your journey to make your trip unobstructed, it perfect cycling accessories and tire repair tools.


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