Rechargeable Smart Bicycle Helmet

The wireless will give you directions to turn left or right, noticeable from quite a distance, and inform the vehicle behind you of your riding intention in time. Adds better visibility to autos and other bicyclists, clear and highly recognizable, to make riding safer.



Vents design, the perfect combination of aerodynamics and ergonomics effectively reduces wind resistance, which can provide the best airflow, ventilation and comfort when you ride, reducing riding fatigue.

The helmet weighs 310 g, which is approximately equal to the weight of two iPhone X so that you will not feel the discomfort of the head on the road for a long time riding.

You to answer calls in time when riding, or to group chat with team members. You can answer calls via the helmet remote without having to stop your ride, avoiding accidents caused by sudden deceleration and stop on the road.


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