Specially Designed Bike Seat For Men And Women


Tested by more than 12.000 cycling lovers. These customers have stated that the bike seat is one of the most comfortable bike seats that perfectly works as mountain bike seats for men. It fits the male anatomy and works well as a comfortable road saddle for women, too. Upgrade your rides with bike seat replacement made of high-quality foam padding, artificial bicycle seat leather and stainless-steel rails.



The best bike seat for longer rides. Forget the painful rides and invest in a super comfortable bike seat. This anatomically supportive and comfortable road bike saddle will distribute pressure from your back across the surface of the saddle and will eliminate sit bone pain immediately.

Shock absorber bike seat for men. Riding an uncomfortable stock bicycle seat can give you prostate problems, chronic back pain and even erectile dysfunction. This cycling seat, specially designed for men unique anatomy is a game-changer. Due to its narrow design, ideal soft padding and deep centre cutout, our ergonomic bicycle saddle will relieve pressure points in your sensitive areas and will allow you to pedal longer without experiencing chafing, soreness and pain.


  • Filling: Polyurethane
  • Bottom shell: Dual-material bottom shell
  • Size: 273 x 179 mm (252 x 174 mm)


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