Sporile Non-Slip Glasses


The concealed design frame of the cycling glasses is completely made, which is lightweight and durable, and will not feel uncomfortable even if it is worn for a long time. And its amazing toughness allows it to perform well even in strenuous sports.

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The surface of the frame is treated with piano paint, the gloss is bright. The temple adopts silicone inlay technology, which is non-slip, lightweight, and more comfortable to wear. Equipped with myopia endoscope frame. Can install myopic lenses. Can be disassembled if not needed.


  • Product Category: Glasses Frame
  • Material: TR90
  • Style: Full Frame
  • Frame colour: Blue, Black-Red, Black-Grey, Pearl Blue, Pearl Red, Brown, White And Grey
  • Specifications: 56 mouth 20 140 mm


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