Standard Bicycle Bell


The bike bell has a thick ABS plastic base which will not easily break out. It is sturdy enough to securely hold the bell as well as the handlebar. Portable bicycle bell with an adjustable ring stand. Lightweight and compact, easy to carry, suitable for most pipe diameters, suitable for 0.82 in (21 mm) – 0.9 in (22 mm), installation can be completed in 1 minute.



Working coherently with the sounding system and the brass dome, the standard bike bell sounds crisp loud and far. The volume can reach 90 – 100 dB, it is loud enough to alert the passerby and cars. Pure brass material and anti-rust coating provide double efficient corrosion resistance effect making the mountain bike bell long lifetime to use.


  • Material: ABS plastic and brass
  • Colour: Red, Yellow, Blue, Silver, Black
  • Handlebar diameter: 22 mm






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