Titanium Bicycle Bottom Square Taper Bracket


There are rubber rings on the front and back of the bearing for waterproofing, so there is no need to worry about water ingress. The middle shaft is equipped with an aluminium alloy middle tube sleeve, which has better waterproof performance and better texture.



Titanium alloy hollow square hole centre shaft, using an integrated centre shaft installation tool, the appearance value is better than ordinary square hole centre shaft, the centre shaft is multi-waterproof, and the durability is high.

The middle of the titanium alloy shaft is hollowed out, and the middle shaft within 800 is a hollow shaft of titanium alloy.

The new titanium alloy bottom bracket, titanium alloy hollow shaft centre + 7075 aluminium alloy shaft and bowl structure, the shaft and bowl locking method is the same as the body bottom axis, which is convenient and more beautiful.


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