Ultralight Breathable Bike Seat


The gel padding supports sit bones when sitting upright, and the long nose provides excellent support when racing (when there’s more weight on the front of the saddle). The cutout on some saddles can sometimes be too large or harsh-edged, but the cutout on the strikes a nice balance of placement and size. It has a thin, sleek look with minimal padding and is light and strong.



This saddle is perfect for trekking, touring, and all kinds of your biking needs. The way that the seat is manufactured gives it strength and durability when under the rider. Designed to withstand many different types of stress points when out riding, the rails and frame are manufactured from hardened black steel, making this seat a prized position for many avid riders.

Ergonomic design. This bike saddle is designed with the human body in mind – it fits your hips perfectly without compromising leg movement. You’ll maximize your comfort and stay pedalling for hours on end. Loads of support, no numbness (even when grinding out 1hr+ climbs), this is definitely a seat that draws some envious looks.

Shock absorber & wear-resistant. A durable mountain bike saddle optimized for shock absorption, it is still supportive on climbs while cushions on tooth-rattling downhills. We think highly of one idea to put the seat’s chafe to the lowest, and our cushion 100% makes it more comfortable to hike a bike with the saddle on your shoulder. Both recreational riders and racers gave this saddle a thumbs up.



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